ISSA Scholars

Over the last three decades, this ISSA member-backed program has provided nearly $4 million in financial aid to over 1000 college aged students.

Going forward, we envision ISSA Scholars as lifelong cohorts of scholar-based constituents.  These scholar-based cohorts will maintain a connection with The Worldwide Cleaning Industry, throughout their life and career, manifesting in a range of advocacy and support for the industry.

Our vision includes larger, 4-year scholarships; guaranteed, paid summer internships; mentoring during college years; career counseling; life counseling; annual ISSA Show attendance and networking; and more.  Future ISSA Scholars will have a lifelong commitment to and relationship with ISSA, ISSA Charities and The Worldwide Cleaning Industry.

As we mobilize the entire industry around these scholar-citizens, We Will Change The Way The World Views Cleaning.